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They're going to be a boon to mankind, the greatest invention in hundreds of years - no more depleting the earth's resources, no more pollution. So why was sundido inventor Nora Heatley murdered? Why do police, the FBI, CIA, , and worse pursue her husband Joe Heatley? And who, what are the dark, ancient conspiracy to manipulate mankind's destiny?

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The Point Of Departure web site, edited by the fine critic Bill Shoemaker, features interviews with important musicians and essays and reviews by some of your favorite veteran jazz and improvised-music scribes, including Art Lange, Brian Morton, Stuart Broomer, Ed Hazell, Troy Collins, and Bill himself. Point Of Departure is refreshed /​ updated quarterly and I also write frequent "Moments Notice" reviews for it. You can read it at

Some web-only essays by JL of special interest from the SIMA (Sydney Improvised Music Asociation) web site:

Reasons for Hope: 21st Century Jazz
Bernie McGann on CD
The 2006 Vision Festival and Ornette Coleman
Recent (a.o. 2006) Jazz Explorations in Chicago
The Necks in North America

A bunch of other articles and reviews by me are on the Jazz Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Tribune, and Reader, and New York Times web sites - who knows, maybe on some other web sites, too.

Mojo Snake Minuet: A Novel by John Litweiler
Mojo Snake Minuet is more than a thriller. As lowly reporter Yakub Yakub searches amid beautiful divas in symphonic joints, a private witch, TV news griots, black minstrels in whiteface, defrocked Voodoo priests, and the white ghetto, this tale blows the cover off the race, music, religion, news, and other shameful rackets.

Shiny, Shiny: A Novel by Michael O'Flaherty
Memories of '70s / '80s girlhood...
Family life in exurbia...
Armed communist revolution...
And the disembodied flying head of George W. Bush...
Where is Jane going? And will she ever get there?

Selected Works

Nora Heatley's invention will save the human race -- why, then, was she murdered? Why is her husband Joe pursued by police, FBI, CIA, thugs, and crazies? A noir novel in broad daylight about an ancient conspiracy to manipulate mankind's destiny.
Black people rule America. Whites are the underprivileged minority, and--bad news!--Chicago is in an uproar over a stolen mojo.
a retooled, rocket-fueled Alice In Wonderland for the grandchildren of Marx and Coca-Cola.

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