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John Litweiler was a writer-editor of Encyclopaedia Brittanica and Down Beat and has written program notes, articles, and reviews in the Chicago Sun-Times, Tribune, and Reader, New York Times Book Review, Jazz Monthly, Jazz Times,, etc. He also wrote the acclaimed critical history The Freedom Principle: Jazz After 1958 and the biography Ornette Coleman: A Harmolodic Life.* His novel Mojo Snake Minuet is published by Goodbait Books. And his latest novel Sundidos has now been published by Goodbait Books, too.

*A fire destroyed the headquarters of Goodbait Books and we no longer have copies of The Freedom Principle or Ornette Coleman for sale. Not, perhaps, as devastating as the early 1960s fire at Atlantic Records, which destroyed Ornette Coleman a.o. masterpieces. But devastating enough.

Goodbait Books is also offering Michael O'Flaherty's novel Where Do You Run. The rock-music host of "Radio Zero," 10 to noon Thursdays on WHPK, O'Flaherty has written about rock music in The Baffler; his essay on punk rock is included in the anthology Boob Jubilee.

You can buy these books from some excellent stores and also from jblitw@​ And be sure to listen to "Zoundz!," the most dangerous jazz show in Chicago, every Monday 6:30 to 9 p.m., with John Litweiler and Mike Rock, on Chicago's most aware radio station: WHPK, 88.5 FM and, the pride of the South Side.

Selected Works

Nora Heatley's invention will save the human race -- why, then, was she murdered? Why is her husband Joe pursued by police, FBI, CIA, thugs, and crazies? A noir novel in broad daylight about an ancient conspiracy to manipulate mankind's destiny.
Black people rule America. Whites are the underprivileged minority, and--bad news!--Chicago is in an uproar over a stolen mojo.
When your darker side is the one thing you can't escape - where do you run? The brilliant novel by Michael O'Flaherty.

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